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Children's Area

Renderings from our architectural firm showing the new Children's Area

Children's Area

Currently, the library has 1200 square feet of warehouse space that is not accessible to the public. A major component of this remodel is turning that space into our new Children's Area.


The Children's Area will have an open entrance and a train tunnel entrance. The carpet in the tunnel will have train track markings as a guide, and there will be touch-screen tablets for interactive learning and play along the interior walls. The open door to the left of the train tunnel is the entrance to our new permanent book sale room!

View of entry into children's area


The entire children's collection -- materials appropriate from birth to middle school ages -- will be housed in this new space. This space will be welcoming and comfortable for children of all ages, with an open design, large windows, manipulative wall toys, and murals painted by local artists.

Children and families looking for books and playing in the children's area of the library

Children and families looking for materials

Meeting Room


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