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Mobile Printing

With PrinterOn, you can use your home PC or mobile device to print documents at Briggs District Library.

How it Works

Printing from your home computer

  • Visit

  • Enter your email address

  • Browse your computer to select the file you wish to print. Click the arrow button to submit the print job

  • Select your printing options, and click the green print button

  • Once your request has been processed, you will be given a release code.  Bring this code with you to the library

  • At the library, enter your release code into the keypad next to the print release station to retrieve your document

Printing via email

  • You can email your document from any device directly to the library's printer

  • Send an email with an attachment to:

  • A release code will be emailed to you.  Enter the code into the keypad at the release station to release your documents

Printing from the PrinterOn app

  • Download the PrinterOn app from your devices app store.  The PrinterOn app is available for both ios and Android devices

  • Open the app and tap on the "No Printer Selected" button

  • Click Search and enter "Briggs" into the field.  Select the Briggs District Library printer

  • Choose between printing a document, a photo, or a web address

  • Browse your devices to select the item you want to print

  • Click the green Print button, and enter your email address

  • Click the Print History button

  • Click the print job to retrieve your release code. Enter this code into the keypad at the library to retrieve your document