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Bookaholics Book Club Survey

We would like your input about the Bookaholics Book Club.  

We want to hear from you whether you attend every meeting, or it's been a while since we've last seen you; whether you like the books, or you don't; whether you think the book club is going well, or there's room for improvement.   

It should take less than 5 minutes to complete the survey, and your input will be valuable as we move forward with this program.  Thank you.

How often do you attend the Bookaholics book club meetings?  

The book club currently meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the library -- is the time and day of the program convenient for you?  

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What genres of books do you most like to read? Check all that apply.  
Are there genres of books that you DO NOT like to read? Check all that apply.  
Are you satisfied with the book selections for the club?  

What are your feelings about the book selection process?  

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Regardless of your feelings about the selection process, are there other types of books, authors, or specific titles you think the club should be reading?  

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How important is it for you to like each book we read?  

Does your enjoyment of the books we read influence how often you attend book club meetings?  

At the club meetings, do you like having a set of discussion questions/topics, or do you prefer a more free-flowing discussion?  

Do the library staff facilitators create an evironment where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions?  

Would you like email/text reminders about book club meetings?